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Jim Culverwell, Hampshire
Kim is great to work with and full of energy and ideas. Energy that comes from an enthusiasm to share her knowledge and experience; and ideas that come from having 'been there and done it'. Kim knows what works and how to engage with your market. She gets the right kind of clients for your business. Whether it's social media, networking, Ad-words, PPC, blogs, Kim has a view formed out of a career in the sector; and importantly, a view that is relevant to your business.
Tue, 29-May-2018 via Web    Verified by Thanked!    VIEW
Kathryn Armstrong, Documation Software, Hampshire
Kim has been an essential part of our marketing team for well over a year now. Assisting us during our company re-brand
and providing essential advice and recommendations when needed, Kim isnít afraid to challenge opinions and has been a real find for Documation Software.
Thu, 24-May-2018 via Web    Verified by Thanked!    VIEW
Richard Osborne, Angel Eye Media
Our sessions with Kim were both highly effective and a pleasure. Kim's well focussed questions resulted in a very useful plan for the medium term development of our business.
I'd recommend working with Kim to any SME / team who need to take stock and plan ahead!
Tue, 15-May-2018 via Web    Verified by Thanked!    VIEW
Jan Baerselman, Talking Outcomes
Kim has a talent for finding the right local people to do a brilliant job for my small business, at affordable prices. I now have a fantastic brochure & website and someone she recently introduced me to has just booked me in for 2 hours work every week for a term.
Mon, 13-Mar-2017 via Web    Verified by Thanked!    VIEW
Nigel Fenwick, Thinkers
Kim has been a real find for us. As a rather unusual consultancy working with SMEs we knew what we needed to do to market ourselves and get new business but current client work was always taking priority meaning our workload was all peaks and troughs. We wanted to engage someone who would take on our learning to date, get what we do, galvanize us into action, challenge our thinking, do some of the doing and make it happen. Kim has delivered on all fronts and in just six months growth has become a reality not just an aspiration.
Fri, 16-Dec-2016 via Web    Verified by Thanked!    VIEW
Martin White, Thinkers
We have found working with Kim to be both highly effective and enjoyable. She is very knowledgeable about B2B marketing. But more than that, she has some great qualities that have made our relationship with her very productive. We knew ďthe gistĒ of what we wanted to do, but had been struggling to make headway. Kim helped us think our ideas through in detail, discard some, create others and end up with a clear picture of what should be done. But then, she didnít just leave us to flounder and not-do these tasks. She has done a share of them herself, acting on our behalf, and been good at motivating us to do the ones that only we can do so that the project stays on track.

Kim has also been excellent at making us think about the way that we conduct our business in a way that has been simultaneously challenging but not-at-all confrontational.
Wed, 14-Dec-2016 via Web    Verified by Thanked!    VIEW
Rachel Cristofoli, Market Measures Ltd
Working with Kim is an absolute pleasure!

Not afraid to challenge us, her excellent business and strategic thinking combined with her infectious enthusiasm provided the springboard we needed to kick start our marketing planning process. A great asset to have working with us and a real team player - she certainly comes highly recommended by us.
Tue, 21-Jun-2016 via Web    Verified by Thanked!    VIEW
Zara Brazil, Edgcumbes, West Sussex
Working with Kim has helped to greatly improve the direction of our business as well as to create an efficient marketing plan.
Kim is very knowledgeable and you can have complete trust and faith in her, as she knows exactly what stages are needed to reach the potential in your business.
We are very happy to be working with Kim and would recommend her services to anyone who needs any help or guidance with their business.
Wed, 18-May-2016 via Web    Verified by Thanked!    VIEW
Carl Dawson, Proversity
Kim and ATNB are wonderful facilitators. Their work has helped us focus on our requirements, our product and the route to market at a critical time for our business.
Wed, 02-Dec-2015 via Web    Verified by Thanked!    VIEW
Liz Nankivell, Binky Bear
A really brilliant 90 minute session. Kim not only knows a great deal about marketing, she is able to give simple real concrete examples to illustrate key points and she is very entertaining! A very good investment of my time. Big thank you.
Sun, 18-Oct-2015 via Web    Verified by Thanked!    VIEW
Kathryn Hall, My Virtual Sidekick, Hampshire
I really enjoyed your workshop on how to position yourself in the market in order to succeed. Your enthusiasm, advice and support was brilliant and the workshop had just the right balance of information, examples and exercises without being overwhelming, Thank you so much, it was really helpful and I've come away with lots of ideas for moving forward.
Fri, 16-Oct-2015 via Web    Verified by Thanked!    VIEW
Felicity Dwyer, Alresford
Hi Kim, Many thanks for your excellent workshop on positioning. You explained the subject so clearly, and I love your energy and positivity.

The idea of using the various filters to drill down to a USP was very helpful. Any small business needing to review their target market and services would benefit from the ideas you shared today.
Fri, 16-Oct-2015 via Web    Verified by Thanked!    VIEW
Lucy, The Workstead, Winchester
Kim is such a great support, a wonderful advocate and all round superstar. From holding our hand, to helping see the wood for the trees as well as enabling us to be ambitious and focused. Kim brings a wealth of enthusiasm and encouragement but mostly a huge amount of professionalism and knowledge.
Fri, 02-Oct-2015 via Web    Verified by Thanked!    VIEW
Nathalie Paterson, interiordesigners.net
Kim at All Things New Biz has helped us on a number of levels over the last few months. She is very business-minded and gets to the nub of matters quickly. By asking clever questions she helped us understand where we are looking to go and then advised us on how to get there. To-the-point and incisive, Kim's input has been worth every penny. I would highly recommend having her on your team.
Fri, 25-Sep-2015 via Web    Verified by Thanked!    VIEW
Jan Baerselman, Talking Outcomes, Hampshire
Within just a few meetings, Kim built up my understanding and confidence around how to generate new business. She provided resources, ideas and gently challenged some of my erroneous beliefs. With her support I have developed a completely new skill set. Her ability to quickly grasp my field of work was impressive and her infectious enthusiasm has been highly motivating. And worth every penny.
Fri, 25-Sep-2015 via Web    Verified by Thanked!    VIEW
Jim Baerselman, The Cruising Association
I had been charged with preparing a 5 year business plan for our long established, volunteer driven small business. We were facing the communication revolution. I listed a few challenges. Kim said she thought she could help. We met for two hours.

After a few questions to clarify how the business worked, she started doodling venn diagrams illustrating her view of our business model and its communications - lots of little arrows. She didn't bother about the method of communication - "just tools which save labour. Soon the challenges turned into opportunities. Thanks Kim, for that insight. Made my job much easier and saved me a lot of time.
Fri, 11-Sep-2015 via Web    Verified by Thanked!    VIEW
Your feedback means a lot to me.

It helps me know where and how I've been useful or helpful to you. And it gives me good ideas for new posts!

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