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Martin White, Thinkers
We have found working with Kim to be both highly effective and enjoyable. She is very knowledgeable about B2B marketing. But more than that, she has some great qualities that have made our relationship with her very productive. We knew “the gist” of what we wanted to do, but had been struggling to make headway. Kim helped us think our ideas through in detail, discard some, create others and end up with a clear picture of what should be done. But then, she didn’t just leave us to flounder and not-do these tasks. She has done a share of them herself, acting on our behalf, and been good at motivating us to do the ones that only we can do so that the project stays on track.

Kim has also been excellent at making us think about the way that we conduct our business in a way that has been simultaneously challenging but not-at-all confrontational. #Clients
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