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Phazie Long, Auburn Washington
OMG!!! I just met Angel less than 15 days ago and in less 12 days he got me a referral. ChaChing baby!!! What an awesome standup person you are Angel. Thank you so much!!! & Phazie Long
Wed, 14-Jun-2023 via Web    Verified by Thanked!    VIEW
Yahweh Michael Jesus Metatron Christ Archangel, United Domains Of Heaven/publishing/banking
Angel is a good mentor and I am so happy that I met him!
Michael Jesus Christ Archangel
Thu, 08-Jun-2023 via Web    Verified by Thanked!    VIEW
Russell Rockwell, Sebec, Maine
Angel has been there 100% in helping me to succeed. The man doesn't mince words, but he is there every step of the way to help. He not only talks the talk, but also walks the walk. Thank you Angel Lopez.
Mon, 05-Jun-2023 via Web    Verified by Thanked!    VIEW
Roger Rucker, Austin, Texas
Just woke up and saw I had a new member join while I was sleeping. Proof once again to just follow the instructions and results will follow. Angel has everything laid out for building a real business. Just put in the work and then get out of the way.
Sat, 03-Jun-2023 via Web    Verified by Thanked!    VIEW
Gia AKA Logingal, Milkin the Cow
So I 'm new to this world of making money. I've only been involved since April. What I can say is Angel has gone out of his way to make sure I have had the best opportunity to have my site in front of future prospects. When he says this is not a get rich quick thing he's right. You have to stay in this game for a long time to start seeing results. I can say Angel has always been there when I have called ,emailed or text. He does not leave you alone to figure it out. If your looking for a program that with time can help you with your lifes whatever, I highly recommend the Talla Program.
Wed, 31-May-2023 via Web    Verified by Thanked!    VIEW
Yassin Yussuf, Columbus, Ohio
I got the first sign up and i made $287 less than a 5 days. This business works and everyone can do it, and the good things is that you donít do anything because system is automation.
Thank you so much Mr, Lopez.
Tue, 30-May-2023 via Web    Verified by Thanked!    VIEW
Yassin , Columbus, Ohio
WOW! I got the first sign up in less then week. This system works indeed. Iím so excited to be part of this LCC.
Thank you so much Mr. Lopez.
Tue, 30-May-2023 via Web    Verified by Thanked!    VIEW
Debra Hall, angel lopez agency
hello hello, Debra here, let me share this with you. I been with Angel for a while, still pulling in $287 daily. I was at church enjoying the service and made $287 while listening to the work come forth, just sitting! Angels (TALAA Cash Cow), is setup perfectly to make money, you just need to get on board and see for yourself.
Mon, 29-May-2023 via Web    Verified by Thanked!    VIEW
Teresa Baker, Oak Island, NC
Angel did it... He totally knocked it out of the ballpark...

His NEW direct mail program is working perfectly for his affiliates of TALAA...

$287+ commissions all day, every day...
Just like Chili's Happy Hour.

Our NEW presentation is VERY PERSUASIVE...

I did not have to speak with my new team member before he joined.

The video does all the telling and selling for us.

It truly doesn't get any more Hands-Free Automated.

~ Teresa
Mon, 29-May-2023 via Web    Verified by Thanked!    VIEW
Cynthia McKinley, Venice, FL
Boom!! $287 in the bank. This is the best marketing, Angela Lopez will get you where you need to be with direct mail. Best decision I ever made.
Fri, 19-May-2023 via Web    Verified by Thanked!    VIEW
Dallas Landon, Retired
It's been a long time since I have had a web site and being said. My Mentor is the first person who calls and speaks to me. He is a wonderful person and a great mentor. If you need anything at all, just ask and he will answer you.
Mon, 15-May-2023 via Web    Verified by Thanked!    VIEW
Lance Sumner (AKA Major Sumner), Virginia
All I can say is Absolutely Amazing. Only two weeks getting started and getting paid with it growing. Only had to give a pass-up and now all done with that and from here on out is nothing but pure profit to my pocket. I can't think Angel the Founder and Creator enough for this system and all he has done to ensure our success. Big Time Kudos...Cheers!!!
U.S. Army Retired Major Sumner
Thu, 04-May-2023 via Web    Verified by Thanked!    VIEW
Debra Hall, angel lopez agency
hi Debra here again, just to let you know that I made $500 dollars on an Up grade from Russell! Now that's Awesome! I'm just saying, how good the Angel Lopez Agency "Rocks!!"
Wed, 03-May-2023 via Web    Verified by Thanked!    VIEW
Mark Gutentag, Northridge, Ca
Angel gets results for everyone. I have never been able to earn online and Angel has done it for me. Angel is the hardest working mentor and is always looking to make it better for you and the entire team. He truly knows what he is doing.
Tue, 02-May-2023 via Web    Verified by Thanked!    VIEW
Teresa Baker, Oak Island, NC
Holy Cash Cow.... &
This is as easy as 1-2-3...

My letters are starting to hit the mailboxes and with my first 4 optins, one joined without talking to me or our closing team. That's a 25% conversion rate. &

This is about as 99.9% hands-free as it can get. No joke.

Join the fun of making money and our wonderful tribe.


~ Teresa
Tue, 02-May-2023 via Web    Verified by Thanked!    VIEW
Debra Hall , Angel Lopez Agency
Hi Debra here, I been with Angel Lopez Agency for a while now, I landed on the Leaders board which was awesome, it's that easy! Let me say, the Angel Lopez Agency Gets Results. Just made another $280.00 today!
Mon, 01-May-2023 via Web    Verified by Thanked!    VIEW
Erick Esmenjaud, Sovereignty Enterprises INC
I just want to said woooo yeah baby!!!!, I just start using this† Angel's new system and Boom my first commission in†less than a couple†of hours, but if that's not enough I just woke up the next day with a notification in my inbox of another commission, I believe that what they said that You make money in your sleep, THANK YOU ANGEL, I really appreciate all you do, I believe you just knock the park with this system!!!
Sat, 29-Apr-2023 via Web    Verified by Thanked!    VIEW
Lance Sumner (AKA MAJ Sumner), TALAA Cash Cow
Nothing greater than a well-oiled machine that produces income right out of the gate. I just got setup with the step-by-step directions and kicked off the marketing campaign and all within the first week began to make money $287 each time. It is Awesome and such a Great Feeling, Highly Motivating because I have tried many things over time that did not work. So a Big Thank You to the TALAA Cash Cow System and Team. Major Sumner...Cheers!
Thu, 27-Apr-2023 via Web    Verified by Thanked!    VIEW
Paul Collard, Wenatchee, WA
I just follow the TALAA Cash Cow system and get out of the way. I mail the letters and let Angel take over. Sitting at a church conference, I got a phone alert that I had made $287. I bet no one else made an extra $287 sitting in the conference.
Thu, 27-Apr-2023 via Web    Verified by Thanked!    VIEW
Segundo Ramirez, Talaa
I have never been in a business with a company like Talaa that I have earned my first $287 so soon after joining, and more in the pipeline.
Needless to say, Iím here for as long as the opportunity is available which Iím sure itís going to be for a long time. I have been in so many other opportunities in the past that I have never experienced the support that the Talaaís founder provides to the affiliates. He even call the people for you.
Thu, 27-Apr-2023 via Web    Verified by Thanked!    VIEW
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