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Lindsay Murphy, Greensboro, NC
We recently bought a home and had the opportunity to scrape the entire home of popcorn prior to moving in. Rick and his team were phenomenal from the start. Rick responded to my initial phone call within the day and was very professional and thorough in his questioning about the project. They were able to get us on their calendar quickly and completed the work in the time they suggested they would--4 days faster than other estimates! Each time we briefly popped in, his crews were kind and cheerful. We were amazed at the level of attention to detail they gave to the project at each stage. They left the home as clean as they found it. Most definitely worth every penny and more! Thank you so much for your work!
Sat, 06-Jun-2015 via Web    Verified by Thanked!    VIEW
Cathy Sealy, Charlotte, NC
Thank you for making the interior of our home look brand new. Rick, you and your team do amazing work. We are so pleased with the project you completed April 10th, 2015. This was not an easy project and the work you did was 5 star! THANK YOU.............................................
Tue, 21-Apr-2015 via Web    Verified by Thanked!    VIEW
Vicki Green, Savannah, GA
The Popcorn Squad removed the popcorn ceilings throughout my home. I had started this process myself in closets, pantry and laundry room. It was such a time consuming, difficult, messy job. I hired the Popcorn Squad to complete the visible areas in the house. In one day, they mask off all the rooms covering all the walls, lights and floors. They then started scrapping off all the popcorn that same day!!! In 3 days, I had smooth white ceilings. The light poured through my home. I was so impressed by the crew's professionalism and craftsmanship. All my neighbors are impressed by the workmanship and have asked for contact information.
Thu, 18-Sep-2014 via Web    Verified by Thanked!    VIEW
Courtney, Charlotte NC
The work done on my house looks absolutely wonderful! This was not a small task but the guys came in and worked with a spirit of excellence and professionalism.

I highly recommend Popcorn Squad for any job large or small. Thanks again for the great job guys!
Fri, 01-Aug-2014 via Web    Verified by Thanked!    VIEW
Barbara, Matthews
Good evening Rick -
I would personally like to thank you and your team for your professionalism and also for a job well done!

You were always available to discuss any concerns during the project and were always receptive to any issues. In addition, I would like to note that your team completed the job a week ahead of schedule!

In the future, if you need a reference related to the quality of your work, please know that I would be glad to provide one.

I hope you have a great weekend!
Mon, 30-Jun-2014 via Web    Verified by Thanked!    VIEW
Sandy, Charlotte
I used the Popcorn Squad to remove popcorn ceiling in my entire home. I am extremely happy with the results. The ceilings look brighter and the rooms look bigger. Rick and Rob were so easy to work with so I had them come back to paint the interior of my home. They do a really nice job.
Wed, 30-Apr-2014 via Web    Verified by Thanked!    VIEW
Christy Ellis, Mooresville
Popcorn Squad refinished my dingy old ceilings and now they look brand new. I highly recommend them for a quality job at a reasonable price. Nice guys!
Wed, 09-Apr-2014 via Web    Verified by Thanked!    VIEW
Dave T, South Charlotte, NC
These guys did what they promised and within the timeline they gave us. Professional experience from top to bottom! Thanks for making our home look like a million bucks!
Wed, 09-Apr-2014 via Web    Uploaded by Business    VIEW
Wally S, Fort Mill, SC
We called 4 places that were highly recommended to us by our friend who is a Realtor. They either didn't call back or 2 were "no shows." Rick at Popcorn Squad called us back the same day (Sunday)and gave us a quote within 24 hours. I never had to call him back and he showed up early for the job--which is unheard of! Very professional and covered everything from head to toe. I was worried about my pool table and lamps but my home was cleaner when they left than it was before the removal. I am going to spread the word to my friends b/c I have found that work ethic, honesty and reliability in the construction arena is FEW AND FAR between! Thanks Rick and Mike!!
Wed, 09-Apr-2014 via Web    Verified by Thanked!    VIEW
Mary G, Charlotte, NC
The crew at Popcorn Squad is awesome! Not only did they have the best price in town but they were professional, fast, and CLEAN!! My ceilings look amazing now :-) Definitely exceeded my expectations. I already have and will continue to recommend this company to friends and family.
Wed, 09-Apr-2014 via Web    Verified by Thanked!    VIEW
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