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Jim Hoffman, St. Louis
Ed you're a ROCKSTAR!!! I look forward everyday to seeing your motivational posts as well as your marketing tips, strategies and training. I love that you truly serve people and show them how to live life on their terms. You are one of the few leaders that I follow daily. Keep it up brother. Be Blessed
Fri, 07-Aug-2015 via Web    Verified by Thanked!    VIEW
Trisha Barnes, The Open Road!
There are a handful of leaders I follow ... Ed, you are one of them. Your unique style of inspiring while subtly (or not so subtly) kicking us in the ass makes me grin every single time! It is a honor to know you, to work with you and to learn from you.
Wed, 27-May-2015 via Web    Verified by Thanked!    VIEW
Lucky Sutherlin, Port Tobacco, MD
Ed you are a wonderful leader. You provide lots of valuable information, take time with team members when they need you, you are a great teacher and you are positive influence in my life.

Ed, thank you for being the person you are who cares about other people and will help you whenever you need help.

Ed favorite quote “Make Today The Best Day Ever.” And that is exactly what I do every day. Thanks Mr. Motivator.
Wed, 08-Apr-2015 via Web    Verified by Thanked!    VIEW
Franco Gonzalez, Arizona
ED YOU ROCK! You provide so much value to people on a daily basis. You inspire, you teach and you show them how they can make powerfully positive changes in their lives and that's appreciated brother! I love your work and people should follow you and learn from you!
Thu, 19-Mar-2015 via Web    Verified by Thanked!    VIEW
Paul Falardeau, Rio Rancho, NM
In the more than two years since first meeting Ed Mayer, he has motivated me and inspired me on nearly a daily basis. He has the heart of a champion and is always there to help others who are ready to accept it.

Thank you, Ed for all you have done, all that you are doing, and all that you will continue to do!

-Paul Falardeau
Fri, 15-Aug-2014 via Web    Verified by Thanked!    VIEW
Felicia Pruitt, Elizabeth, New Jersey
I have only known Ed Mayer for a few months. Within that time he has inspired me and showed me how to become a leader, a motivator and to never give up on my dreams. He is Bar None when it comes to Network Marketing and showing true value to others. If you ever needed any assistance with your business, Ed is your Go-To Guy. Thanks man, you Rock!!
Mon, 11-Aug-2014 via Web    Verified by Thanked!    VIEW
Anthony Tansley, Sheffield, England
Always inspired by Ed Mayer, I've known him for a few years now and met him personally on a few occasions.rnA great guy and family man who has always encouraged me to succeed further with his daily motivational video's and positive attitude.rnThank you Ed, you "ROCK"rn
Mon, 11-Aug-2014 via Web    Verified by Thanked!    VIEW
Chad Cook, Daytona Beach, FL
I've had the honor to personally get to know Ed over the years not only as a friend but as a business partner. We've worked on many successful projects together and Ed could be counted on each time. Ed is authentic as they come and someone you want to lead you in this marketing industry. If you rather work smart and cut out the confusion from the beginning, contact Ed Mayer. Tell him The Real Chad Cook said so. Thanks for ALL that you do for this industry Ed... love ya brother!
Sun, 10-Aug-2014 via Web    Verified by Thanked!    VIEW
Gary Chappelle, Atlanta, Georgia
I've known Ed for a number of years and he has a special knack for lifting people up and encouraging them to stretch themselves further than they ever imagined they could.

Whether it's through his timely videos of motivation, or his webinars where he provides valuable insights in how one can grow on a personal and business level, I always take away some golden nuggets of wisdom to apply in my own circumstances.

If I ever need a dose of reality and some words of encouragement, I can always count on Ed.

Thanks Ed for all you do.
Sat, 09-Aug-2014 via Web    Verified by Thanked!    VIEW
In the event that I have helped Inspire, Motivate, or move you closer to your Destination. I would Love to hear about it. Thank you for your continued support.

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