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 @Heidi_Swain, Norwich, Norfolk
@HearnDylan Thank you so much! My cup totally runneth over today! ?
Sat, 10-Oct-2015 via Twitter    Collected via Twitter by Thanked!.    VIEW
Mrs E Jones, Paterson, NJ
Great work thanks. I would highly recommend them.
Mon, 12-Jan-2015 via Web    Verified by Thanked!    VIEW
Ben Smith, New York, NY
These guys know what they are doing! They took care of a need in 5 minutes that I have been (stubbornly and naively) trying to get resolved for several years using the key duplication service offered by the bigbox retailers.

I have gotten duplicate keys made numerous times and I'd have a success rate of 0 to 10% (I'd get a bunch of those made hoping it'd work).
Thu, 14-Aug-2014 via Web    Verified by Thanked!    VIEW
J Dalton, Milwaukee, WI
Very willing to help and be flexible. Able to use credit against another purchase which was mailed in time for Christmas. Real pleasure to speak to staff on phone. Very impressed.
Wed, 28-May-2014 via Web    Verified by Thanked!    VIEW
Bob Nightingale, London
Great service, recommended!
Tue, 06-May-2014 via Web    Verified by Thanked!    VIEW
Jane Doe, Greenwich
Thank you for the tremendous efforts you made on our behalf.
Sat, 08-Mar-2014 via Web    Verified by Thanked!    VIEW
Graham, Los Angeles, CA
Great job at every level.
Sat, 01-Mar-2014 via Web    Verified by Thanked!    VIEW
George, London
Thanks very much
Sat, 22-Jun-2013 via Web    Verified by Thanked!    VIEW
Graham Underhill, Vauxhall, London, UK
I'm extremely happy to recommend Demo Business for all your demo needs. They are extremely understanding and don't mind however many times you try to change their mind.
Fri, 13-Jan-2012 via Email    Verified by Thanked!    VIEW
Gracie Hampton, Miami, Florida
I had nothing but great service and i've bought from them four times now. Highly recommended
Fri, 13-Jan-2012 via Email    Verified by Thanked!    VIEW
Brian, New York
I was thoroughly impressed. They met all my requests faster than the time frame they quoted me. A rare occurrence with most businesses today!
Fri, 13-Jan-2012 via Web    Verified by Thanked!    VIEW
Benny, Louisville, IH
Just wanted to say thank you for all the help you've given over the years. Much appreciated!
Wed, 21-Dec-2011 via Web    Verified by Thanked!    VIEW
Your thanks mean a lot to us. We hope we're doing a good job but your input helps us do it better. Thank you for your continued support.

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